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Twist & Sprout at Parent & Baby Yoga

Bridge pose wih baby
Bridge pose with baby

I encourage prenatal yoga students to “graduate” to parent & baby yoga classes once their babies are 6 weeks old (8 weeks for women recuperating from cesarean birth). Singing and moving with your babies is fun and energizing. Moms, dads, partners, caregivers, grandmas, friends and, of course, babies love to experience and enjoy the rewards of postnatal yoga, including opportunities

  • for self-care
  • to grow your bond with your baby
  • to learn new songs and grow your baby’s vocabulary
  • to foster community with other families and caregivers

Babies’ eyes sparkle, and everyone laughs when they feel the rhythm of their movements and hear themselves sing fun and silly lyrics. Having your baby in your arms, on your tummy, resting against your thighs or sleeping peacefully at your side is a delightful way to bond with children and witness their growth from week-to-week and day-to-day.

We do the bridge position (setu bandha) with baby resting on our hips while singing “Bumping Up and Down,” a song made popular by Raffi. This is amazing ab and gluteal muscle work! You are most welcome to come to class to experience it. I’m subbing postnatal yoga tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Integral Yoga Institute and teach postnatal yoga at St. Luke’s Hospital on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.

Visit Too Small to Fail for more information on the benefits of talking, reading and singing to your children. Here are lyrics to more great children’s songs.


Supermoon for Super Moms

Today is the first of three full-moon “supermoons” in 2014. The supermoon designation means that the center of the full moon and the center of Earth are closer together compared to other months, creating higher-than-usual tides in the days ahead.

The July full moon is known as the Thunder Moon, Buck Moon or Hay Moon, but I shall call it the SuperMom Moon in honor of all the expectant and new mothers who attend my childbirth education and yoga classes. Swivel your hips ladies, and lift your tides high to the lunar sky!

Here are 3 variations of Moon Salutations for you courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy:

1. a lovely Prenatal Moon Salutation:


2. a rapid version of the Classic Moon Salutation:


3. and a slower version of the Classic Moon Salutation practiced by a yogini in front of a gorgeous circular window: