Tree of LifeMother Nature’s Gift for Postpartum Wellness

Placenta encapsulation is a 2-day process of cleaning, dehydrating and powdering a mother’s placenta. The powder is placed into gel-caps for her to ingest as she sees fit. By ingesting, the mother reintroduces nutrients, hormones and proteins to her body, enjoys physical and emotional benefits, and thus fosters a greater opportunity to bond with her baby.

bottle_dosage_instructionsAnecdotal evidence suggests that eating the placenta can:

  • replenish iron and shorten healing time, including reduce bleeding
  • increase birthing parent’s energy
  • boost breast milk production
  • balance hormone levels and reduce risk for mood disorders
  • tonify the uterus


My $300 fee (Doula clients receive a reduced rate) includes:


  • San Francisco pick up of placenta & delivery of capsules (within 3 days of pickup)
  • Steaming, dehydrating and grinding placenta into powder capsules
  • Glass bottle containing capsules with clear instructions for consumption and storage
  • Cord keepsake in customized container
  • Placenta print in tube

    Exterior of custom cord box

For inquiries, visit my contact page or call/text: 415 824 0663.

Interior: Cord keepsakes for twin babies.